Stephanie Reviews Future Diary

Show: Future Diary— Genre:Action, Mystery— Episodes: 26

Happy Halloween! This week’s super spooky series is Future Diary. This 26 episode thriller aired under the title 未来日記 (Mirai Nikki) in Japan from October 2011 through April 2012. It’s not so much creepy as exciting and bloody and maybe a little traumatizing? There are some things you can’t unsee. Amano Yukiteru, who goes by Yuki, is a loner who loves playing darts and writing in his journal. Well… digital journal. Well… it’s on his cell phone. And it’s not really a journal. It’s more of a list of things he observes. So this is a, uh, totally normal kid who would rather talk to his imaginary friend than have real ones and takes note of everything he sees and does.

So homeboy is going along minding his own business, and like normal goes to write in his cell phone diary, when he realizes today’s date is all filled in. Then, the things in the diary start to come true. A girl in Yuki’s class knows what’s going on. She calls him out on the contents of his diary, and shows him hers. They stop a serial killer together. Then, a different girl shows up to blow up his school. You might be thinking that I’m spoiling too much, but these are just the first two episodes.

It’s cool, he handles it with the help of his prophetic cell phone. His imaginary friend said this might happen. His imaginary friend turns out to be a powerful deity.

Yeah, that guy.

Yuki is involved in a dangerous game. There are a number of these future diaries around, and they come in quite handy when escaping dangerous situations. With the help of his classmate, Gasai Yuno, whose diary tells her Yuki’s every move, they just might survive. It’s kill or be killed, and it’s delightful.

I give Future Diary 8 out of 10 Golden Tanukis. This show is exciting and suspenseful and strays from many of the stereotypical aspects of high school age characters. It’s bizarre without being alienating, and it will keep your heart pounding from beginning to end.

You can watch it here–>

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