Update for Meeting 10.16.14

Sorry for the late meeting update. I’ve been pretty sick lately, and it’s showing no signs of improving which sucks so I’ve been out of it.

Remember to sign up for the Halloween Party and Shadocon. Both are approaching quickly. You should try to bring some food for the Halloween party because the more food you bring, the more we eat.

Last week’s panel was How to Survive Your First Con by Savannah. I wish I knew all the stuff she talked about before my first con. I just vaguely remember spending a lot of money on anything I could find and doing nothing else.
Next week’s panel is one of the favorite panels so you should go to it.
Our member’s choice was Princess Tutu, a magical girl anime about a girl who is a duck who is a girl. Sound interesting? You can watch it here:http://www.hulu.com/princess-tutu
We finished Angel Beats and watched the first OVA. *hug for the feels*
and watched more Jojos (episodes 13 and 14)
Hope you have a magical week! Can’t wait to see you Thursday unless I’m sick or dead and can’t make it to the meeting.

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