Update from Meeting 10.23.2014

Who’s excited for the Halloween Party! That’s what you have to look forward to next week. We’ll watch Spooktacular Anime that WILL BE AWESOME!
Please come in costume and BRING FOOD (particularly spicy cheetos). If you don’t, we will kick you out.*
*no we won’t
Alright so last week the panel was Robert‘s Bad Anime Reviews. If you’d like to watch some bad anime. Message him.

The member’s choice was Gekkan Shoujo which you can read a review about here: http://gatoranime.club/2014/10/amatsu-reviews-monthly-girls-nozaki-kun/ and watch here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/monthly-girls-nozaki-kun
We watched the first two episodes of Silver Spoon this week,http://www.crunchyroll.com/silver-spoon, you can catch up there.
And we watched two more episodes of Jojo’s.
Look forward to seeing you Thursday!

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