Stephanie Reviews Engaged to the Unidentified

Show: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei— Genre: Comedy, Romance— Episodes: 12

This week we’ll be taking a look at Engaged to the Unidentified. This adaptation of a weekly comic strip aired in Japan under the title 未確認で進行形 Mikakunin de Shinkōkei (which translates to Unconfirmed and In Progress) between January and March of 2014. There are 12 episodes, each building on the last, as each episode we come a bit closer to finding out the truth about our main characters. When Kobeni Yonomori turned 16, she was informed that she had a fiancee.

aren’t they cute?

This is a plot device I’ve seen before, but always with the genders reversed. Kobeni’s betrothed, Hakuya Mitsumine, comes to live with her, along with his little sister Mashiro. Surprisingly, Kobeni is all right with this without being particularly for or against the marriage. We see her have more inner reflection on her situation than I expected to see.

Life is hard when you’re a betrothed teenager.

At first glance, this show seems like it’s going to be full of the same overworked plot points seen in countless romantic comedy/slice of life shows that have come before it. This is not the case. This show doesn’t pull any punches, drops major plot twists like it’s nothing, and is ridiculously funny. Mashiro, along with Kobeni’s sister Benio, fuel the comedy side, and it is wonderous.

Something about aliens?

way too many!

For his part, Hakuya is a quiet, reserved, deep thinker. He’s super smart, and very emotionally sensitive, but not obnoxious about it.

Poor guy just wants to build stick palaces in peace.

Although there is a good bit of foreshadowing so that you know something is different about Hakuya and Mashiro, they don’t broadcast it so loudly that it falls flat when they start revealing their family’s secrets. The romance between Kobeni and Hakuya is adorable, and feels genuine. Unlike many romance shows, the story entirely revolves around the main female character; what she feels and what she wants are most important.

All in all, I give Engaged to the Unidentified 7 out of 10 Golden Tanukis. You’ll survive if you don’t get around to seeing it, but it’s definitely worth seeking out. I would recommend this show if you need a laugh and a d’awww. Until next week, here’s Mashiro, doing some gratuitous dancing.

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