Meeting Update and Important Notice About Rooms

Hello all!

The rooms for this semester are really wonky so pay attention.

2/5: MCCA 1142
2/12: MCCA 2196
2/19 – 4/9: CSE E119
4/16: NPB1101

Make sure not to go to the wrong place at the wrong time because no one will be there and you will be confused.

Last meeting the panel was Guess the Anime by Chelsea.
The member’s choice was From the New World which you can watch here:

We watched 2 more episodes of Tokyo Ghoul and Samurai Flamenco, so episodes 5 and 6.

I usually don’t tell people the panel for the next meeting but I think it’s relevant. This panel will be on things to do at Swampcon so if you’re planning on going to the Con, whether its your first or your hundredth con, make sure to come so you’re prepared to manage all of the awesomeness.
Which brings me to…. SWAMP CON. It’s this weekend at the Reitz and you all better be there!

Next week is the special Valentine’s meeting. We’ll be having a potluck and lots of fun so make sure to free your plans for that. Sign up to bring food here:…/1eRjxdL5NZolpClQ34_mR3n1mX-…/edit…