Meeting Update From Meeting 2/5/15

Meeting UPDATE!
Hello all!!!
Thanks a million to everyone who volunteered or worked at Swampcon. You’re the best! For those of you who didn’t, we hope you had a great time and enjoyed the convention.
Last meeting we had a panel on Swampcon,
Our anime was a classic! We watched The Great Teacher Onizuka. You can find it here:
We watched two more episodes of Tokyo Ghoul and Samurai Flamenco as well.


That being said, tomorrow is our special VALENTINES DAY MEETING. *cheers* *claps*
We’re going to be watching love-themed anime. We will be having a potluck with candy, which YOU SHOULD BRING IN FOOD FOR.
If you have a love-themed cosplay or you have a friend/lover you wanna do a cosplay with. GO FOR IT. The funner the merrier. So make a couples cosplay with your friend, and embrace it! We’ll take your picture and put it in the anime hall of fame, if we had one.
Thanks. See ya tomorrow.

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