Gator Anime Update 3/12/15


Hope you had an awesome week even if you probably had lots of tests and projects. The year is almost over so take in a deep breath.

Anyways, if you missed last week’s meeting you missed Pye and Kingdom Hearts. Sorry.

You also missed Shirobako which if you want to watch more of you can watch here:

Also, thanks to everyone who attended the marathon this weekend. There was lots of pizza and No. 6. In short, it was awesome. For those of you who missed a few episodes or who weren’t there butwish you were, you can watch that here:

Lastly! Don’t forget to A) Go to karaoke tomorrow at 8 at Stage 7
B) Go to the Spring Festival this weekend at school
and C) Sign up for Free Con

We love you all and hope you all come out for all the awesome Gator Anime fun!! Feel free to cosplay at any and all events and see you later today!