Gator Anime Club Update 3/26/15

Have you ever wanted to get involved in Anime Club in a bigger way? Are you a leader or maybe a follower who’s passionate about anime and seeing Anime Club succeed?
Show up at the meeting tonight to learn about the different officer positions YOU could apply for so you could help make anime club and awesome place for everyone.

On another note, thanks everyone who went to ka-ra-oke. More kudos to you if you sang your heart out in front of the room of people. You rock!elderscrolls

Last week Steven did a panel on Elder Scrolls. Love Elder Scrolls? Want to learn more about the game? Ask the Steven and wish you were there.

The Member’s Choice was Your Lie in April which you can watch here:

For those of you going to FreeCon, make sure to have fun!
And everyone should remember to sign up to go to Lake Wauberg because it’s hella fun and the weather will be fantastical.

Till next time! and see ya’ll tonight.

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