Gator Anime: Spring 2015 Closing

Hello everybody! My name is Max Dunevitz and I will be your media coordinator for Gator Anime’s 2015-2016 school year. As you know, we recently had our elections for officer positions: check out your new officers here!

As officers, we are all pretty ecstatic about serving the club and running meetings. Here are a few words about our president, Derek Delago:

After being with Gator Anime as a loyal club member, officer, and SwampCon staffer for two years, Derek Delago has taken the mantle of president for Gator Anime’s 16th year in existence. An English Major with aspirations of teaching, Derek Delago is proud to be serving his fellow anime fans and the university as a whole by maintaining Gator Anime’s proud weekly traditions, organizing this year’s SwampCon and reaching out to new members and opportunities.


For the next few months, we’ll be in Summer mode, which means we’ll be watching shows of all sorts. You’ll want to check out Derek’s post on our Facebook Page for more information on that.

This semester, we enjoyed watching Tokyo Ghoul, Noragami, and the incredible Samurai Flamenco. For the upcoming Fall semester, our voting yielded that we’ll be watching Assassination Classroom (which won over Katanagatari by a coin toss!), Barakamon, and Death Parade. Wohoo!

Lastly, for these upcoming semesters, I plan to try and make our website more interactive and diverse, becoming a welcoming  and encouraging place for discussion among club members both new and old, so I’ll be asking questions on the Facebook page for suggestions, comments, etc. on how to improve our website.


Good luck with any finals and wishing you a good Summer,

Thanks for a great semester everybody!

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