Meeting Summary – 8/27/15 – (Unofficially, the best meeting ever)

Hey everybody, We just had our unofficial meeting last night, and it was a blast! Firstly, I want to issue a big welcome to all new members that showed up yesterday, and a shout-out to our returning members as well. I’ll send out a similar message again after the first official meeting as well.

We watched the Magic Tree House animated movie, which is based on several of the books from the series of the same name. We also watched Overlord, an anime about a MMORPG in which the main character (who’s in-game avatar may or may not be a Skeletor named ‘Momonga’) finds themselves getting more than they bargained for. Lastly, we had a taste of Shokugeki no Soma, an anime about pride, honor, and cooking.

Next week Thursday will be the first official meeting. We will be starting our regularly scheduled programming which will include two episodes each of Assassination Classroom and Death Parade every meeting. We’ll also have food! Don’t forget to attend 😀

See you later!