Meeting Summary – 9/10/15 – (Technically, the Most Difficult Meeting Ever)

Last meeting was… interesting…

We opened up with a dual panel covering Maid Cafe by¬†Robert and the Hologram Vocaloid Concert by Elias and Scott. If you’d like any information about either of these programs, you can ask them through Facebook. Maid Cafe will be having their first meeting this Sunday!

We started our member’s choice, Ore Monogatari¬†(My Love Story), an interesting twist on the romantic comedy genre. However, some issues arose with UF’s computers, and we basically got a Blue Screen of Death (twice), which was most unfortunate. Luckily, we were able to play the rest of the show through one of our members’ laptops.

After that, we showed our weekly episodes from Death Parade and Assassination Classroom. See you next Thursday!

Ore Monogatari (My Love Story)