Meeting Summary – 9/24/15 – (Historically, the Cheesiest Meeting Ever)

So last meeting we held the voting for our t-shirt design! It was a long and difficult battle, and if you were near the end of the voting line, they had run out of cookies. So sad… Nevertheless, the winning design was this one, created by member Jo Furmanek. Congratulations! We’ll have more info about club t-shirts in the upcoming meetings.



Afterwards, our historian Steven Anderson presented a panel on the history and lore of the Elder Scrolls universe. For once, a club historian that does their job!  😉

For member’s choice, we watched Rokka no Yuusha, an anime about several heroes called Braves that are summoned to defeat the Evil God.

After our short break, we watched episodes 7 and 8 of Death Parade and Assassination Classroom. Getting close to the end of our first half-season!

See you next week everybody!