Meeting Summary – 9/17/15 – (Another Best Meeting Ever)

Hey GatorAnime!

Last meeting was pretty smooth. No major technical problems encountered. We had a panel on SwampCon! We talked about this year’s theme, main events, and how you can help out. We’ll be having our SwampCon general body meeting on 9/23, 7:30 in CSE 222 (the same room we have our club meetings in). Please attend if you’d be interested in becoming a staff member (like serving on the design team), a volunteer or volunteer captain, a chair member on our committee, or even if you just want to know more about SwampCon.

For our member’s choice we saw Hitman Reborn! It looked innocuous enough, but I’m sure it will take a darker turn in which either a) the main character will realize he has to kill people as a mafia boss and face an identity crisis, or b) Reborn will reveal his past as some sort of twice-birthed monstrous creation.

After a short break, we watched episodes 5 and 6 of Death Parade and Assassination Classroom.

See you next Thursday!

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