Meeting Summary – 9/3/15 – (Officially, the Best Meeting Ever)

Welcome everybody to Gator Anime! With so many new faces and returning members at our first official meeting last night, it looks like it’s going to be a great semester 😀

If you came out to our first meeting last night, you’re amazing! We had a great time playing “guess the character” in which everyone thought Robert was talking about Log Horizon, but it was actually I, Dio Brando.

Anyway, we introduced the new officers and went over the club rules, guidelines, and events. Then we watched an episode of Gintama and the profound video animation Death Billiards. After a short break, we watched the first two episodes of Death Parade, the anime continuation of Death Billiards, and Assassination Classroom.

Some useful links: check out the officer’s page here. And you can find our Facebook group here; check it for club updates, anime news, and general nonsense

And don’t forget about the t-shirt design contest! Submit your own designs for our club t-shirt to by 12 AM on 9/17 and we’ll have a club vote on which design we’ll use for the 2015-2016 year!

Tune in next week Thursday for our next meeting, CSE 222 at 7 PM

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