Meeting Summary – 10/8/15 (Arbitrarily, the Most Lively Meeting Ever)

Hey, Gator Anime! Yes I know, I’m running out of good puns…

Sorry for the late post, but I just finished Death Parade yesterday and didn’t want to make a post until then!

So last Thursday, we opened up with a panel by Derek Delago on the history of the Sonic Franchise. You have to give Sonic credit, he’s been through a lot as Sega’s mascot and is still pretty recognizable as a video game character even today. I still think they should call the next game Sonic Doom, just sayin’.

For member’s choice, we watched Get Backers, an anime about a team of powerful humans who retrieve lost things, from misplaced items to other people, and how they change their clients’ lives.

After a short break, we watched the finale to Death Parade! What an amazing show. If you haven’t watched it or just missed the last meeting, make sure to check it out! We also watched episodes 11 and 12 of Assassination Classroom.

Next Meeting we’ll be starting Barakamon, our other half-season anime, which we will continue until the end of the semester.

See you next Thursday!

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