Meeting Summary – 10/29/15 (Irrefutably, the Spookiest Meeting Ever)

Heya, Gator Anime!

Last Thursday was our Haunted Halloween meeting! There was tons of food, including pizza, corn cake, doughnuts, vanilla meringue cookies, banana bread, persimmon pie, and peanut butter oat clusters! Needless to say we all gained a few pounds…

We had some great costumes as part our lovely costume contest. The 1st place winner of the contest was Savannah Hardiman!

There was a “Bad Anime” review done by Robert Witt on an anime from the 80s: Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned, the only film I know of which features Dracula, Jesus, God, and Satan.

We watched the first two episodes of Shiki, a spooky episode of Gintama, and two episodes of the infamous Ghost Stories, which is so scary, that you just might have to pause the episode to go grab a snack.

It was a fun evening to say the least. Come check out some of the amazing pictures taken by Rebecca Hammell on the Facebook page!

Anime Club – no other club quite like it

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