Meeting Summary – 11/12/15 (Trash-wise, the Most Talkative Meeting Ever)

Last meeting opened up with a panel by members Derek, Elias, and Robert called “Your favorite anime is (insert nasty language here)” where they asked audience members for their favorite anime and proceeded to trash talk it into oblivion. No anime was spared, not even Monogatari or Clannad. It was good fun 🙂

For members choice, we watched the OVA to the Black★Rock Shooter anime, which was inspired by the Vocaloid song created by Supercell of the same name .

After our 30 minute break, we watched episodes 7 and 8 of Barakamon and 19 and 20 of Assassination Classroom.

Heads up: next week will be the finale of Assassination Classroom!


Black Rock Shooter (Image by jsyluc123 on DeviantArt)

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