Meeting Summary – 2/25/16

Hey Gator Anime!

Last meeting went splendidly. We opened with a panel by member Savannah Hardiman on The World Ends with You. For Member’s Choice, we watched A Certain Scientific Railgun S. We watched episode 6 of Katanagatari and the season finale of One Punch Man.

We won’t be meeting next week because of Spring Break, but the week after, March 10th, we will be discussing Gator Anime Elections, and March 17th will be our White Day celebration! Stay tuned to the Facebook page for more information 🙂

A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Meeting Summary – 2/18/14

Happy Valentines!

Well, belated Valentines…

Last meeting was our Valentines Day celebration! There were tons of sweets, including some home baked goodies (Chocolate truffles, brownies, and apple cookies among them). We took a break from our regularly scheduled programming to watch some love/Valentine’s-themed anime, like School Rumble, Five Centimeters Per Second, and Daily Lives of High School Boys. We also watched some special Valentines episodes of Gintama and Space Dandy.

Look out for our special White Day meeting on March 17th! In Japan, Valentines is traditionally women giving gifts and chocolate to men whereas White Day is a holiday in which men give gifts and chocolate to the women in return. You can read more about it here

Also last week was SwampCon! The convention was a huge success with over 3000 people in attendance. The staff had been working their butts off for months before the Con and it was great to see it all pay off 🙂

Anyway, this is Max Dunevitz, Gator Anime Media Coordinator Extraordinaire, signing off. Stay lovely, everybody

Valentines a.k.a. Single’s Awareness Day

Meeting Summary – 2/4/16

Hey there!

SwampCon is next Weekend!! Make sure you check out all of our events and pre-register online at!

Last meeting, we opened up with a panel called So Bad, it’s Good in which members Scott and Calvin explained the art form that is Bad Anime and attempted to prove the feasibility of the bullet-dodging abilities of the female breasts (from High School of the Dead).

For Members’ Choice, we watched Bento (or Ben-To, but not Ben Ten). And after our break, we watched episodes 7 and 8 of One Punch Man and episode 4 of Katanagatari.

Be on the lookout on the Facebook page for our Valentine’s Party! It will be Thursday, February 18th at the meeting.

Ben-To (not sure if this image is an accurate depiction of the anime, but whatever)