Meeting Summary – 2/4/16

Hey there!

SwampCon is next Weekend!! Make sure you check out all of our events and pre-register online at!

Last meeting, we opened up with a panel called So Bad, it’s Good in which members Scott and Calvin explained the art form that is Bad Anime and attempted to prove the feasibility of the bullet-dodging abilities of the female breasts (from High School of the Dead).

For Members’ Choice, we watched Bento (or Ben-To, but not Ben Ten). And after our break, we watched episodes 7 and 8 of One Punch Man and episode 4 of Katanagatari.

Be on the lookout on the Facebook page for our Valentine’s Party! It will be Thursday, February 18th at the meeting.

Ben-To (not sure if this image is an accurate depiction of the anime, but whatever)

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