Meeting Summary – 1/7/16 (Unofficial Meeting)

Hello everybody and Happy New Year!!

Last Thursday, we hosted an unofficial gathering to celebrate the start of the semester. There was quite a large turnout with many familiar faces!

During the meeting, we played episodes from Ouran High School Host Club, Gugure! Kokkuri-san, and Samurai Champloo, as well as a special, double-length episode from Mushishi

Next week, we will start our normal Thursday meetings and begin watching our scheduled half- and full-season anime! Check out the Facebook page for updates and announcements

Meeting Summary – 12/13/15 (The Last Meeting Ever (Not Really))

Hey Gator Anime!

First, a shout out to everyone who attended the Lollicup Fundraiser! It was a lot of fun, and we were able to help SwampCon raise over $100. There was a raffle and a few lucky people walked away with SwampCon prints, event VIP access, gift cards, amiibos, and even a Lollicup t-shirt!

Last Thursday was our unofficial winter holiday meetup! We watched a bunch of the runner ups from our anime voting, including Himouto! Umaru-Chan, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, and Trigun. We also gave people who paid their amazing club t-shirts, which I must say are particularly stylish and comfortable.

‘Twas a great semester watching Assassination Classroom, Death Parade, and Barakamon and I know next semester will be just as great! Speaking of the next semester, stay tuned to our Facebook page and the website for announcements of when we will be starting up again come Spring.

I’d like to wish a happy holidays to all of the Gator Anime officers and members, and to all of UF. Have a safe and excellent Winter break everybody!


Meeting Summary – 12/3/15 (Democratically, Voted the Best Meeting Ever)

This meeting was our last official meeting of the semester!

We will have an unofficial meeting next Thursday:
> At 6 PM, we will meet at Lollicup for a SwampCon fundraiser. Enjoy wonderful drinks and deserts, socialize, participate in a raffle, and help support SwampCon!
> Around 7 PM, we will head back to campus and meet in CSE 222 to watch some of the runner-ups from our anime voting last meeting.
You are free to attend both, one, or none of these activities

Wait a sec’–anime voting?! That’s right! At the last meeting, the club members casted their votes and elected the anime we will be watching next semester. The results are as follows:
> Full season (around 26 episodes) show – Katanagatari (our historian will be proud)
> Half seasons (around 13 episodes) shows – One Punch-Man, and Hoozuki no Reitetsu (our vice president will be proud)

It was a tough competition, with candidates like Umaru-Chan and Cromartie High School coming close.

Last meeting, for member’s choice, we watched the Devil is a Part Timer. Last meeting was also the finale to Barakamon! ‘Twas a very happy ending. We also watched episodes from I Can’t Understand What my Husband is Saying.

If you won’t be able to make the unofficial meeting, hopefully we will…

see you next Fall!

(Well, actually it will be next Spring, but whatever)

Meeting Summary – 11/19/15

Heya Gator Anime!

There will be no meeting next Thursday,
the last official meeting will be December 3rd!

So Last meeting featured a “double” Member’s Choice. We watched episodes from One-Punch Man, which is one of the hottest shows right now, as well as Katanagatari.

After our break, we watched episodes 9 and 10 of Barakamon and the last two episodes (21 and 22) of Assassination Classroom (alas, I wish I was there to see it. One of these days…).

Ah, and one last thing:

T-shirts! The cost is $10, and make sure you bring your money in by December 3rd (the last meeting)! Just give your money to one of the officers during the meeting or during the next week. I know many of you are disappointed that we didn’t have a kawaii-desu design for this year, but fear not! For like Naru, this phase of Mandom is only temporary. Well, perhaps not… Pay for your shirts now anyway, and we will have them in the spring semester!

2014 --> 2015

                     2014                                                 –>                                       2015

Meeting Summary – 11/12/15 (Trash-wise, the Most Talkative Meeting Ever)

Last meeting opened up with a panel by members Derek, Elias, and Robert called “Your favorite anime is (insert nasty language here)” where they asked audience members for their favorite anime and proceeded to trash talk it into oblivion. No anime was spared, not even Monogatari or Clannad. It was good fun 🙂

For members choice, we watched the OVA to the Black★Rock Shooter anime, which was inspired by the Vocaloid song created by Supercell of the same name .

After our 30 minute break, we watched episodes 7 and 8 of Barakamon and 19 and 20 of Assassination Classroom.

Heads up: next week will be the finale of Assassination Classroom!


Black Rock Shooter (Image by jsyluc123 on DeviantArt)

Meeting Summary – 11/7/15 (Besides Halloween, the Most Monstrous Meeting Ever)

Hello there!

So last meeting, we opened up with a panel by Robert on GODZILLA, the memorable monster that has been around since the 50s in seemingly way to many re-adaptations (I don’t know, I guess that’s just me). For member’s choice, we watched Sunday without God or Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi.

We also voted on the background color for our t-shirt design. We decided on a charcoal gray.

After a short break, we watched episodes 5 and 6 of Barakamon and 17 and 18 of Assassination Classroom.

See you all next time!

Sunday without God

Sunday without God

Meeting Summary – 10/29/15 (Irrefutably, the Spookiest Meeting Ever)

Heya, Gator Anime!

Last Thursday was our Haunted Halloween meeting! There was tons of food, including pizza, corn cake, doughnuts, vanilla meringue cookies, banana bread, persimmon pie, and peanut butter oat clusters! Needless to say we all gained a few pounds…

We had some great costumes as part our lovely costume contest. The 1st place winner of the contest was Savannah Hardiman!

There was a “Bad Anime” review done by Robert Witt on an anime from the 80s: Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned, the only film I know of which features Dracula, Jesus, God, and Satan.

We watched the first two episodes of Shiki, a spooky episode of Gintama, and two episodes of the infamous Ghost Stories, which is so scary, that you just might have to pause the episode to go grab a snack.

It was a fun evening to say the least. Come check out some of the amazing pictures taken by Rebecca Hammell on the Facebook page!

Anime Club – no other club quite like it

Meeting Summary – 10/22/15

Hey Gator Anime!

Next week’s meeting will be our Halloween Party! We’ll take a break from our regularly scheduled shows to watch some spooky (and mostly silly) anime. Bring food and snacks and come in costume as well!

Last meeting started off with a panel by Tyler Nereim on a comparison of Western comics to Japanese manga. For member’s choice we watched Akagami no Shirayukihime, also known as Snow White With the Red Hair. After a short break, we watched episodes 3 and 4 of Barakamon and 15 and 16 of Assassination Classroom.

Meeting Summary – 10/15/15 – (Musically, the Most “Open Ended” Meeting Ever)

Get it? Because of openings and endings?!

…Anyway, how’s it going, Gator Anime?

First off, don’t forget about submitting ideas for a mini-blog! Possible topics include discussing anime-related news and events, displaying original artwork, writing anime reviews, and others. You can find out more here!

Last meeting we had a “Guess that Anime!” panel by Chelsea Lawrence in which we had to name the title of an anime based on it’s opening or ending songs. It was a lot of fun and there was a good selection of shows. For member’s choice we watched dragons and tigers brawl it out in the romantic comedy, Toradora!

We also decided on the anime for our Fall semester marathonKekkai Sensen, or Blood Blockade Battlefront. It will be tomorrow at 12:00 PM in CSE 220 and should run until about 5 or 6 PM.

After a short break, we saw episodes 1 and 2 of Barakamon, and episodes 13 and 14 of Assassination Classroom.

See you next week!

The bird is the main character... maybe, not really

Meeting Summary – 10/8/15 (Arbitrarily, the Most Lively Meeting Ever)

Hey, Gator Anime! Yes I know, I’m running out of good puns…

Sorry for the late post, but I just finished Death Parade yesterday and didn’t want to make a post until then!

So last Thursday, we opened up with a panel by Derek Delago on the history of the Sonic Franchise. You have to give Sonic credit, he’s been through a lot as Sega’s mascot and is still pretty recognizable as a video game character even today. I still think they should call the next game Sonic Doom, just sayin’.

For member’s choice, we watched Get Backers, an anime about a team of powerful humans who retrieve lost things, from misplaced items to other people, and how they change their clients’ lives.

After a short break, we watched the finale to Death Parade! What an amazing show. If you haven’t watched it or just missed the last meeting, make sure to check it out! We also watched episodes 11 and 12 of Assassination Classroom.

Next Meeting we’ll be starting Barakamon, our other half-season anime, which we will continue until the end of the semester.

See you next Thursday!