Come to the Anime Marathon Sunday

What? We’ll be watching a full anime series with friends and pizza and soda.

What show? Aldnoah.Zero

Don’t know what that is?
Watch a trailer here:

Read about it here:

Where? LIT 0203, Little Hall, possibly the basement

Who? You and anyone else who wants to attend

When? 3:30 p.m. this Sunday


Anymore questions? Post them in the comments.

Update for Meeting 10.16.14

Sorry for the late meeting update. I’ve been pretty sick lately, and it’s showing no signs of improving which sucks so I’ve been out of it.

Remember to sign up for the Halloween Party and Shadocon. Both are approaching quickly. You should try to bring some food for the Halloween party because the more food you bring, the more we eat.

Last week’s panel was How to Survive Your First Con by Savannah. I wish I knew all the stuff she talked about before my first con. I just vaguely remember spending a lot of money on anything I could find and doing nothing else.
Next week’s panel is one of the favorite panels so you should go to it.
Our member’s choice was Princess Tutu, a magical girl anime about a girl who is a duck who is a girl. Sound interesting? You can watch it here:
We finished Angel Beats and watched the first OVA. *hug for the feels*
and watched more Jojos (episodes 13 and 14)
Hope you have a magical week! Can’t wait to see you Thursday unless I’m sick or dead and can’t make it to the meeting.

Update for Meeting 10.9.14

Hello everyone!
Here’s what you missed from the last meeting:
We watched a panel called Anime Influencing Animation. Did you know that the Spiderman show and Transformers were influenced by Japanese animation? You would’ve known that and more if you’d come to the panel presented by Kristine. Message her to learn more.
We watched Baccano as the member’s choice. You can watch it here:
We also watched episodes 11 and 12 of Angel Beats and Jojo’s so make sure to catch up on those and see the final episode of Angel Beats next week. Also we’ll be starting Angel Beats OVAs next week, so you don’t want to miss it.
Thanks! Remember to sign up for Shadocon and the Halloween Party if you haven’t already. Everyone can sign up at a meeting or email an officer if you’re interested. Officer info is located in the Meet the Officers tab at the top.


Update From Meeting 9.25.14

So just a friendly reminder to sign up for the Lake Wauberg trip. It’s next Saturday so make sure to be there!
Also, here’s what we did last meeting in case you missed it.
Robert did his Go panel which was really cool cause if you don’t know anything about Go now you know a lot, and it’s a really interesting again. Like did you know they used to have schools dedicated especially to Go? Yeah, well that was in his panel. If you wanna learn more message him or check out his links from his panel, Exploring the Art of Go.










Go Go Igo!: The short go lessons aired at the end of Hikaru no Go episodes

I had the member’s choice for this week. It’s K-On which is a super great show that you should watch, and I’m definitely not biased at all. Here’s some info:! and here’s the episodes: You can also watch it somewhere else without commercials.
We watched more Angel Beats:
Episode 7:
Episode 8:
Watch more Jojo’s:
Episode 7:
Episode 8:

Update From Meeting 9.18.2014

Konban wa, otakus!!!!
To catch you up if you missed the last meeting:
WAUBERG! Make sure you sign up, especially if you have a car so you can drive people. You can sign-up here:
T-Shirt Contest! Winning design is below. Congrats Ariel! You can check out more of her work here: And thanks everyone else who participated! I wish we could have shirts with all of the designs. There were some truly amazing ones this year. So proud. :,)

12 kimono gator
The panel was Sonic! Derek covered the game and the different shows. To learn more, you can go to the links:,, and to delve further into the world of Sonic.
Next week’s panel will be Exploring the Art of Go with Robert! Yeah! Go!
This week’s members choice was pretty funny. It’s called Hoozuki no Reitetsu, and you can watch it at: and learn more here:
This week we watched two more episodes of Angel Beats:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:
This week’s Jojo’s:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:

That’s all for now! Hope you have a great weekend!

T-Shirt Contest

T-Shirt ContesT-shirt contestt!!!!
Are you talented at drawing? Do you suck at drawing but still love to draw? Do you have a really good idea for a design for the anime club shirt? Are you sick of shirts of children in onesies and ready to make a change?



You can use up to four colors, but one of them has to be white. The shirt will be on a black background. It has to say Gator Anime somewhere on it. No children in onesies.


You can send them in to Good luck and may the best design win.

Update from meeting of 9/11/2014

Hello everyone!
If you missed the last meeting, here’s a summary.
We talked about Maid Café! If you’d like to do Maid Café, you need to have the commitment to attend every meeting (unless you have a big test or some other engagement that requires you miss a meeting). Maids will have to attend the meetings to sew their dresses as well. Butlers have to provide their own clothes.
There will be a mandatory meeting coming up this Thursday, the 18th at 5 p.m. so make sure to be there or notify Lisha that you want to be in Maid Café if you cant attend or want more information.
If you’re interested in helping make the hologram videos for the Vocaloid concert, you should talk to Chan. During the meeting, we covered a little bit about how to make the videos and what they look like after they’re finished.
The member’s choice for this week was Katanagatari.
Here’s a synopsis: and some info.
You can watch it online, here:
We watched more Angel Beats:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
And more Jojo’s:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:

And remember to turn in your t-shirt designs!

Review of Meeting 6/4/2014 and What to Expect for Next Week

Hello friends,
For those of you who came to the meeting yesterday, thank you and we’re so glad you were able to show up. For those who couldn’t make it, there’s always next meeting or the events.

What to expect for next week:
Panel on Vocaloid Hologram Concert, Maid Cafe and SwampCon!
Members choice: A surprise
More Angel Beats and Jojo’s.

So here’s a run down of the meeting:
We went over the rules, what the club does, etc.

We had an awesome icebreaker game during which we all failed to recognize obvious anime characters.

We got pizza and watched the first two episodes of Angel Beats. If you missed it, you can catch up here:

We watched the first two episodes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Watch here:
(or buy it legally somewhere)

And that’s all for now folks. Make sure to show up at the SwampCon general meeting Monday at 7:oo p.m. in Turlington Hall 1105 if you’re interested in that.

Unofficial Meeting August 28! First Meeting September 4 (Free Pizza)

Hello anime otakus and light anime watchers alike! Hope you all had a great summer during which you got to watch lots of anime. 
As you know, the dreaded school year is here, but so is anime club!!!!
We’ll be having an unofficial meeting this Thursday in CSE e222. The building is right next to the french fries and you’ll want to enter the building on the side facing Turlington to find the room. 
What does unofficial mean? We’ll basically just be watching random anime together.
The first official meeting will be September 4th in the same room, CSE e222. There will be food and anime and lots of fun stuff so clear your schedule to be there.
All meetings are from 7 to 11 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there!