Q: How do you become a member?

That’s easy! Anybody who attends meetings regularly can be considered a member.

Q: What do you guys do?

During our meetings we watch anime and also have panels presented by our members. Out-of-meeting activities include our per-semester trip to Lake Wauburg and movie marathon. We have a few parties (Halloween and Valentines) and we also help with SwampCon, the annual anime/sci-fi/video game/tabletop convention here at UF.

Q: What’s member’s choice? How can I sign up for it?

Member’s choice is an anime decided by our members that we play two episodes of each week. Anyone can sign up for member’s choice but, we reserve spots only as far as three weeks ahead (so 3 member’s choices) to prevent a huge waiting list. During a meeting, we’ll announce when you can sign up for member’s choice. You can choose any anime as long as its not too vulgar, too violent or too sexually explicit. If you have questions about the acceptability of a member’s choice, talk to an officer, or email gatoranime@gmail.com. The rule I like to use is: if Kent Fuchs were to walk in the room while this anime were playing, what would he think about Gator Anime club?

NOTE: we would prefer if you supply the anime yourself in an already downloaded file or physical format. That way we can stream your choice in high quality, prevent choosing the wrong anime/episdoes by searching for them online, and not have to rely on streaming from the internet. If you don’t have access to your member’s choice in such a format, don’t fret! Just ask an officer when you sign up for member’s choice, and we can help you find one.

Q: How do you decide which anime to watch?

Ah, my friend, excellent question! Near the end of the semester, we put up a Facebook poll to ask what anime people would be interested in watching next semester. People can freely submit anime of their choosing and vote for what they would like to watch through the poll. During one of our last meetings of the semester, we will take the top qualifiers from the poll and vote on them in meeting, with the winners being our next semester’s anime.

Q: Is it okay to arrive late or leave early?

Sure thing! The schedule of our meetings is usually arranged so that member’s choice and panels finish by 8:30, followed by a 30 minute break, with our club’s main anime is shown next starting around 9:00, with the meeting closing around 11:00. You’re free to arrive and leave any time, just be respectful of others, especially if you arrive and a show or panel is in progress.

Q: When/where are meetings?

Thursdays, 7:00 to 11:00 PM in the computer science building (CSE) 119. The CSE building is right between the Hub and the Turlington Subway.

Q: Do I need to be a UF student to be a member?

You don’t need to be a UF student to attend meetings! But you need to have a valid UF ID to participate in some of the events, like attending our Wauburg trip.

Have any more questions? Comment below, or email gatoranime@gmail.com