Stephanie Reviews Another

Show: Another— Genre: Mystery, Horror— Episodes: 12

As promised, this week we’ll be delving into the realm of the spooky. At just 12 episodes, Another packs a terrifying wallop. Based on the novel of the same name, it ran on Japanese television from January through March of 2012. Be warned: this show is addicting and gory and terrifying. Our main character, Sakakibara Koichi, is (predictably) a transfer student. He’s moved to the area to live with his aunt and grandparents due to an illness that keeps him hospitalized for the first few days of the school term. It takes him more than a few days to get fully caught up when he gets back to class, however, as there seems to be something especially disturbing about his classmates, particularly Misake Mei, a strange girl with an eyepatch that Koichi initially ran into at the hospital.


While Koichi shows interest in Mei, he’s not entirely sure she’s real. Her desk is worn down and scratched up, even though the ones surrounding it are pristine, and no one else seems to want to interact with her.

Concerned that she might be being bullied, or that he might be going crazy, Koichi tries to befriend her, only to be sent away with the warning that their class is “much closer to death” than other classes. Other classmates warn him to follow ALL the rules, but refuse to tell him what he’s doing wrong.
It takes a frustratingly long time for Koichi to learn why everyone is behaving the way they are. The production staff definitely know what they’re doing, though. Just as you’re ready to give up on the mystery, the story throws you its first hook. The viciousness of the death scenes in this series are a sharp contrast to the sluggish pacing of the plot between. It’s a delightful balance that lulls you into a false sense of security only to rip away characters when you don’t expect it.

Situations including a lifelike doll shop, a creepy mansion in the woods, a secret library, and an abandoned school building are only a few of the delightful backdrops for our terror. As the plot progresses, it only gets more interesting. The characters are complicated and relatable, despite their supernatural surroundings. There is plenty of heart pounding action, sprinkled with all the tropes you expect from a high school drama; a beach trip, a school retreat, rumors of classmates supposed love affairs– the works. The art is amazing. This show will tear your heart out repeatedly, in the best way possible.

I give Another 9 out of 10 Golden Tanukis. Drop what you’re doing and watch this show.

Here are our character enjoying watermelon at the beach. Let it soothe your feelings.

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